Family is So Special Cover Image

Family is So Special

Harriette B. Fishburne

September 2020 978-0-578-755847


  • Family is So Special is a compilation of intimate photos of a small family of Grizzly Bears taken two years ago in Katmai National Park and Preserve. Hunting is not allowed in this park and so one can enjoy intimate encounters with the wildlife in their natural habitat, at a safe distance of at least 100 yards. The author spent five days following one mama sow and her two coys (cubs of the year). This family relaxed and revealed their gentleness, silly antics, and affection for one another. The intimacy that comes across these pages warms the soul during these months of self isolation that CoVid has imposed.



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1. TF: A MAJESTIC BUT INTIMATE LOOK AT A FAMILY OF BEARS: "The photos are stunning and playful at the same time. They transport you to a picturesque and remote corner of Alaska, yet also manage to convey the universal love between a mother and her cubs. The personalities of each character really come to life, partly through the fun captions added to each photo. It's a beautiful book of photography, but It's not stuffy or detached. It gives you a rare peak into a bear family far away that somehow feels as familiar as your own."

2. Barbara Richards: A PETITE TREASURE: "This is not a book you will stash away on a bookshelf! The patience it took to capture snapshots of the grizzly family's life in the wild shows through on each page. This picture book is fitting for all ages and the picture captions will give you a big smile."

3. KWB: SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL: "The pictures are beautiful and the relationship between the bears is so sweet. The captions help tell the story of this sweet family. Beautiful picture book."

4. Railman: BEAR CUBS!!!: This is the perfect coffee table book for animal lovers. Just opening it up makes you feel better. The further you go the better you feel!

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