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Our Family is So Special!

Harriette Browning Fishburne

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  • Our Family is So Special is a compilation of intimate photos of a small family of Grizzly Bears taken two years ago in Katmai National Park and Preserve. Hunting is not allowed in this park and so one can enjoy intimate encounters with the wildlife in their natural habitat, at a safe distance of at least 100 yards. The author spent five days following one mama sow and her two coys (cubs of the year). This family relaxed and revealed their gentleness, silly antics, and affection for one another. The intimacy that comes across these pages warms the soul during these months of self isolation that CoVid has imposed.

Here is a video of a Meet the Author Zoom event cohosted with Gerry Kruger, author of On Kruger Pond: Charlie's Story; Two of Us; and On Kruger Pond: Charlie's Legacy.

Signed copies of my book are available at The Islander Bookshop in Kodiak, AK, The Homer Bookstore in Homer, AK, The Rappahannock Art League in Kilmarnock, VA, and The New Dominion Bookshop in Charlottesville, VA.

I have scheduled a "Meet The Author" zoom event on Monday, Feb. 15 at 2-3:30 pm EST. If you are interested in joining me, please send me a message in contact and I will email you a link.

If you order directly from me, I can send you an autographed copy!

Also, I will donate $1.00 for every book sold from my store to Katmai National Park & Preserve!


                           Our Family is So Special!

     Who else but Harriette Browning Fishburne, retired pediatrician, now author and photographer, would travel to Kodiak, Alaska to "embed" herself for five days with a family of grizzly bears?

     I mean this is the same woman who worked to help see her husband through medical school, then turned around and put herself through medical school, became a practicing pediatrician for many years, all the while raising with Cary, three sons who gladly produced five grandchildren...

     Who else but Harriette, a lifelong friend of mine, would now put together the trip in which she fabulously photographed a momma bear and her two cubs ...who else but Harriette would bring us the colorful life of this family of bears from a distance of no more than a hundred yards? Her photographs show them eating and playing and loving each other ... and Harriette was there for all of that.

     This is truly spectacular photography of grizzly bears in the wild which Harriette and her guide observed and followed for five days. She saw them intimately. Luckily, they didn't see her at all.

     Who else would do this, but a talented, determined and intrepid photographer named Harriette Browning Fishburne?

     Five colorful days with a special family of grizzly bears - up close and personal - your gift from Harriette Browning Fishburne.

     Who else?

Alden E.C. Bigelow, Author of Waiting on Nantucket, Killing Time in a Small Southern Town, The Great American Mammal Jamboree and others

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